We hope as you read the below safety measures our studio is taking, you will feel peace knowing your children, our office staff, teachers and YOU are of great importance to us. You will find all of these precautions and processes in place upon the opening of our studio, whether that be for July or August In Studio camps or in September for our Fall dance class season.

Upon research and consultation, we will be using the following product from Bio-Defenders, Inc

  • Safe and Nontoxic
  • Hospital grade
  • EPA and USDA Certs
  • Third-Party Tested
  • 90 Day Surface Protection 

Conventional disinfectants are formulated to kill once upon application. Conventional disinfectants do not keep killing harmful pathogens after they dry. SURFACEGUARD 90 helps prevent reinfection, lessening the risk of transmission of viruses, bacteria, germs, algae, mold and more providing a highly effective way to keep high traffic touch points free of harmful organisms with only one application. Additionally, PureJoy! Performing Arts will be using nontoxic, anti-bacterial sprays on surfaces, high traffic touch points between classes and daily disinfectant cleanings to all floors, dance props and anything children’s hands come into contact with. 

For extra precaution, every time a child or staff uses the restroom, the toilet stall, sink area, soap dispenser, door handles and light switches will be disinfected.

Daily, we will also be applying an effective, nontoxic disinfectant for the carpeted areas in our studio.

Air Purification

Before we re-open our doors, we will have a sufficient air purification system running in our studio at all times. We have also inquired with the owner of our building to insure optimum filtration upgrades are in place with the current HVAC system. We will update this page as soon as we have the necessary processes in place.

Temperature Taking
All office staff and teachers will wear masks or adequate face shields and have temperatures taken prior to entering the studio. They will be sent home if registering a detectable fever. We will also do a quick scan temp check for each child as they enter the studio and require that they wear masks or face shields as well. We realize that wearing face masks during dance class may prove challenging given the cardiovascular nature that dance can bring. Again, we are researching the best mask/face shields for easy breathability and adequate protection. We will update this page with our findings as soon as possible and encourage parents as well to test, during the summer months of rugged activity, what feels most comfortable to their child.

All office staff, teachers and students will be required to wash hands prior to the start of every class. We will assist our youngest students at the sink and oversee our older students in implementing this most important task.
Hand Sanitizer will be available at all times as well.

Camp Activities-(For Fall Dance & Theatre Classes, Scroll Down)
During our In Studio Camp mornings, we will plan for activities that do not require extreme one-on-one closeness with each other. However, the 10 children in attendance will still experience the enjoyment & spirit of togetherness, but within the safety parameters noted below. Most importantly, the wearing of masks will be required at all times.

Instead of our usual 30 Min. Free Playtime Segments, we will set up fun & colorful Obstacle courses that will encourage constant movement where they child travel through one at a time.

2. Snack Time
Snack will no longer take place as a collective group on our massive parachute. Instead each child will have their own Tie-Dye sheet that will be spaced at least 6 feet apart across our dance floor. This will create a sense of togetherness without children sitting side by side. We will also be providing all Snack items and water bottles to avoid any unnecessary items from home coming into the studio. Dietary considerations will be taken into consideration for every child’s needs. For the same reason, we will not be extending our camps this summer into the Lunch time hours which will enable us to avoid backpacks and lunch bags from coming into the studio.
Sheets will be laundered every day.

3. Art
Art is a great group social distancing project for children because they do not typically want to interact closely while focusing on the creation of their own little masterpieces. Therefore, to insure safety, we will set up multiple Art tables with ample space between children. Children will have their own paint brushes, paint trays and any other kind of crafting tool necessary. There will be no sharing of any craft items and table coverings will be changed every day.

4. Come As You Are-No outside Items
We will not allow anything to be brought into the studio this Summer such as Show and Tell, beach towels, stuffed animals, etc. All of these items create a fun home-away-from home dynamic for children, but in our efforts to keep the studio as germ neutral as possible, we will be providing all items needed for camp and ensuring that they are name labelled and only used by that child for the entire week.

5. Outdoor Shoes Policy for Camp:
Upon arrival at the studio, your child will remove their outside shoes and we will place them in name-labelled bags. They will then proceed onto the dance floor to put clean socks on which will be provided by us. No socks from home will be allowed. This will insure that all outside shoes are contained to one area and sealed during the Camp morning. Every day, your child will receive a fresh pair of clean socks. Our staff will be adhering to the same policy.

6. Potty Training/Restroom Use
Children must be fully potty trained to attend camp this Summer. The goal is to avoid any one on one contact with your children and germ spread from needing to assist on the toilet or potential accidents that would require a soaked Pull-Up or clothing change.

7. For more added Covid Safety Measures that apply to Camp, please continue reading….

For In-Studio Camp, Fall and Theatre Classes

One Class in Studio at a Time

Until there is a vaccine for Covid-19, we will only be running 1 class in our studio at a time. Our class sizes are typically a max of 12-14, with our average class size being 10 children. Upon our re-opening, whatever the State rules are, that is the number we will go with.

Curbside Drop-Off and Pick-Up for All Children Age 5 and Up
Our concern is for your children, but we also want to keep our parents healthy. PureJoy! Performing Arts cherishes parents just as much as children. Therefore, we are implementing a procedure where parents will not have to congregate in close quarters outside our studio door when waiting to enter the studio. We also do not want put parents in unnecessary close proximity by having them enter the studio and ready their children for class. Our staff will be fully focused and available to your children in helping them wash hands, get their dance shoes on and be on time for the start of their classes. For this reason we are putting 15-20 mins between every class. Further details regarding Drop-off and Pick-up will be explained upon Registration. We are planning for a quick, seamless and safe execution of this procedure, which may end up becoming a much loved routine that we keep forever!

Pick-Up and Drop-Off for Children Ages 3 and 4
Curbside Drop-Off and Pick-Up will be an option as well for those comfortable with the process. But we realize for our youngest students, parents may want to bring their students into the building for Drop-off.
We will welcome that, but will still require that Drop-Off and Pick-up be done at our front door. For everyone’s safety, we will not be allowing Parents to enter the studio until Covid-19 is eradicated.  However, I am happy to meet with parents and children prior to the start of our Fall season, for a tour and “get comfortable with the space and teacher” meet-up. We will schedule these special times with one family at a time in August. For any new students to PureJoy! Performing Arts, we also highly suggest enrolling in one of our August Summer Camp weeks to experience our studio as their safe and happy dance home, thereby helping make a seamless transition for Fall dance classes. Further details regarding Drop-off and Pick-up will be explained upon Registration, but be assured we are planning for a quick, seamless and safe execution of this new procedure.

Keeping Outside Germs Outside- Shoe Policy
We will have 2 separate areas for shoes upon entering the studio. Your children will remove their outside shoes just inside the front door of our studio and store them in name-labelled bags during class.
They will then proceed to our back studio to change into their dance shoes. This will insure that all outside shoes are contained to one area. Dance shoes will be kept separate, germ-free and stored in our back studio enabling your children a sanitary area to sit on the floor or benches and put on their dance shoes. Our office staff and teachers will follow the same procedures with their own footwear. After class, your child be required to leave their ballet slippers, tap shoes, Jazz or Hip Hop shoes with us. They will be placed and stored in a bag labelled with their name.

We will not be allowing any outside dance bags, backpacks or water bottles in the studio. Purified water will be provided during class time. When your children enter the studio, they will enter with nothing in their hands, which will insure that any outside germs will remain outside.

Peaceful, Safe and Calm
The truth is, without back-to-back, multiple classes running at same time and parents/caregivers streaming through trying to get in & out quickly at Drop-off and Pick-up, we will be able to deliver a much more calm and peaceful experience for everyone. Most importantly, we will be able to ensure that our studio remains A LOT cleaner and reduce the amount of germs coming in. We feel great excitement as we foresee how well this can work for everyone and enable your children to return to their Dance home with us!

Keep In Mind
As with every place your children will attend in these coming weeks and months, it is going to be a learning process for all teachers, administrators and business owners. Some things will be a perfect fit from the start and other procedures we may find need some adjusting. But be assured, PureJoy! Performing Arts is 100% committed to keeping your children, our office staff, teachers and parents healthy & safe whilst in our midst.

What a truly PureJoy! it will be to experience togetherness again:) 

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