Tuition, Policies, Closings


~Sept 3rd- Dec 20th 2019
~December Holiday Recital Date TBA-
All classes except our Pre-PureJoy classes perform in the Dec. Holiday Show.
And all Classes perform in the June Spring Recital. Recital at Fox Lane HS
~”Annie Jr.” has their performance in early January and “High School Musical Jr.” performance will be announced shortly


Monday Closings:
Note: “Annie” Rehearses on 10/14 & 11/11 for a Morning Rehearsal Time TBA

Thursday Closings:
10/31 Closed after 3:00pm

Tuesday Closings:
10/8 Closed after 3:oopm

Friday Closings:
11/29 and no classes on Dress Rehearsal day for the Holiday Recital- Date TBA

Wednesday Closings:
10/9 Closed All Day
11/27 Closed after 3:00pm

Saturday Closings:
No Sat. Closings, except for day of Holiday Recital-Date TBA


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Please read important Refund Policy at bottom of this page. Thank you!


Note: The below Pricing is for our Pre-PureJoy Classes only. All other classes, scroll down.
Prices below are for Fall Session Dates of Sept 3rd– Dec 20th 2019
*$245 for 45 min Pre-PureJoy! Class $20 for Ballet Slippers~ specific style for young dancers sold in our Studio
*$320 for 60 min Pre-PureJoy! Class + $20 for Ballet Slippers~specific style for young dancers sold in our Studio
Please Note Attire  Requirements by scrolling down


Prices below are for Fall Session Dates of Sept 3rd– Dec 20th 2019
Adult Class Pricing-Scroll Down
*$480 for 60-70 minute Dance Classes
*$405 for 45 Min. Tues Jahad 3:45-4:30 Class

Tuition includes: 

1. All 60-70 Min. Classes in the Fall 2019 Session
2. Performing in the Holiday Recital and Dress Rehearsal Day at Fox Lane H.S.
3. Dvd Recording of the Holiday Show
4. Registration Fee
5. Costume for Holiday and Spring Recitals
Please Note Attire/Dance Shoe/Costume/Ticket Fees by scrolling down


Prices below are for Fall Session 2019

Tues Adult 6:40-7:30 Class Begins Sept 17 and runs through Dec 17th, 2019

Thurs Adult 6:25-7:15 Tap Begins Sept 19 and runs through Dec 19th, 2019

$210~12 Classes. Make-up Classes can be taken in alternate Adult Class on Tues or Thurs

TUITION FOR Annie Jr & High School Musical:

~$550 for 1.5 Hr. “Annie” Monday Rehearsals
~$650 for 2 Hr. 45 minutes Hr “High School Musical” Friday Rehearsals
~DVD of “Annie” & “High School Musical” performance & show tickets sold separately.
~For “Annie,”  Jazz shoes ($30) or Character Shoes ($45) are required for Rehearsals/Show. These shoes are ordered through our studio.
~For “High School Musical,” shoe needs will be determined according to roles played.
~Costumes for “Annie” and High School Musical” are provided by our studio.
However, parents may be asked to provide small pieces of their child’s costume.

~IMPORTANT Note: Some actors/actresses may need occasional added rehearsal time depending on role played. All rehearsals are mandatory.

~Please read important Refund Policy at bottom of this page. Thank You!


~All students, boys and girls, are required to purchase appropriate dance shoes for their classes.
~For your convenience, we sell in our studio Jazz ($30), Ballet ($20-Child, $30-Adult) and Character Shoes ($45).  We do not sell Tap shoes.
~For James, Augie and Jahad’s classes: Students will be responsible for purchasing any brand or style of sneaker they chose, but they must be black & white, or all black or all white and appropriate for dancing in. No light up shoes, please.
Mandatory: All Dance Sneakers must be left at the studio each week. Every student’s shoes will be stored in a separate canvas, breathable bag and worn only by the child whose name is on the bag.  Some smaller sizes of new black/white sneakers in stock~$25.
~For Miss Marsha’s classes and Miss Margie’s Classes We require students to wear our specific style of Ballet Slipper, which we sell in our Studio-$20

~For Courtenay’s Classes

*Ballet/Jazz Classes-Ballet Slippers which can be purchased in our studio~$30
*Jazz/Hip Hop Class-Tan Jazz Shoes, which can be purchased in our studio~$30

~For Jessica & Kelly Classes

Jazz/Hip Hop Class- Tan Jazz Shoes, which can be purchased in our studio~$30


~Mandatory Attire Purchase

*All Classes with Jessica,  Jahad, Kelly, James, Courtenay’s Tues 4:15 and Jeri’s Thurs 5:20:
PureJoy! Logo Class Shirts must be purchased and worn to class each week with Black leggings, Black track pants, Black yoga pants, Black sweatpants.  
Class shirts are $15 and  will be available for purchase at your child’s first class.
*Courtenay’s 3:30 and 5:40 Ballet/Jazz Classes:
PureJoy! Logo Shirts in Tank Styles only and solid black fitted to ankle Leggings
Class Tanks are $15 and will be available for purchase at your child’s first class.

* Miss Marsha’s Classes and the Miss Marsha/Miss Jeri Thurs 4:15:

Traditional dance attire in child’s choice of style and color. This can be a one-piece dance dress or leotard with pull-on skirt.  No big dress-up tutus or dresses please!
*Boys  wear PureJoy! Logo T- Shirt with Black track pants, black shorts or black sweats.



Multiple Class Discount:
~ $25 off 2nd class
~ $35 off 3rd class
~ $50 off 4th class
~ $65 off 5th class

Sibling Class Discount:
~ $25 off sibling class

Discounts Do Not Apply to:

Due to additional staffing, production costs, licensing fees and theatre rental, no Sibling or Multiple Class discounts can be granted for “Annie” or “High School Musical”


Fall 2019 Tuition for includes the Costume Fee of $65. One costume for each class your child takes is issued per school year. The same costume is worn in the Dec. Holiday Show and then again in the June Spring Show. Therefore, if your child changes classes at the start of the next session beginning Jan. 2020, a new costume fee of $65 will be added to their tuition fee. If your child remains in the same class from Jan-June 2020, you will not be assessed another costume fee. If you are newly enrolling student at PureJoy! In Jan. 2020, you will be assessed a $65 costume fee per class in addition to the Tuition fees.

Spring Tuition Fees will be posted in November.

All costumes are yours to keep! Tickets for our Holiday and Spring Recitals are $16. Tickets must be purchased for children ages 4 and up.  Children 3 yrs and under must sit on parents lap or purchase a ticket if a seat is preferred. No ticket is required for students performing in the Show.


Students are encouraged to make-up classes missed due to illnesses or other unforeseen occurrences. If classes are cancelled due to inclement weather, we do our best to make-up classes. If we cannot, we offer all students to take their missed classes in classes of similar age and style over the following couple of weeks. We do not offer refunds for missed classes due to illness, physical accidents incurring injury, inclement weather or other unforeseen circumstances. PureJoy! Performing Arts follows the dictates of the Bedford Central School District’s cancellation practice. If BCSD has an early dismissal or cancellation due to inclement weather, PureJoy! Performing Arts will be closed as well.


1) For Dance Classes

~Cancellation of registration for a full refund, minus classes taken and $35 Registration fee, must be made after first 2 classes of session have been completed. Once third week of classes begins, no refunds will be granted. A full refund will be granted, minus $35 Registration fee and any classes already taken, if notification is given of cancellation before aforementioned date. We do not offer refunds for missed classes due to illness, physical accidents incurring injury, inclement weather or other unforeseen circumstances.

2) For Camps

~Refunds for Feb, April or Summer Camps cannot be granted 4 weeks prior to start date. However, fees paid can be transferred for participation in other Camp weeks.

3) For Musical Theatre Productions~

Annie, Madagascar, Little Mermaid, Lion King, Beauty and the Beast, Elf, High School Musical

Enrollment in show productions does NOT HAVE A REFUND OPTION once casting the first week of rehearsals has been done. Once your child is cast in the show and given their part, we cannot refund tuition. Stepping away from the production once your child has been cast creates a domino effect of complications for the rest of the cast and production. Thank you for understanding.

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