Class Descriptions

Pre-PureJoy! Dance

A very special class specifically designed for our tiniest dancers, ages 2-3 yrs. Endless dance props are used to keep children engaged and delighted. Music styles and dance styles vary all throughout the 45 min class to keep up with the rapidly shifting attention span of these precious little ballerinas. This is a Drop-off class where you children are treasured, nurtured and given a wonderful intro into the magical world of dance.

PureJoy! Dance I

The signature dance curriculum of PureJoy! Performing Arts classes for 3 yr olds. The basics of Ballet are taught through a variety of music and dance styles. Classes draw heavily on founder Miss Marsha’s background in Musical Theatre. Lots of music from Disney, popular children’s TV shows & movies are used as well fun dance props to add endless delight to this lively and innovative way of bringing preschoolers into the wonderful world of dance.

PureJoy! Dance II

Please read the above course description for PureJoy! Dance I. We don’t wish to be repetitive, but if “it’s not broke, don’t fix it!” Most of our 4- year olds return to us for their 2nd dance class because they so loved what they experienced in PJ Dance I. So we continue in that same spirit, with Miss Marsha creating a slightly different, more advanced spin where the little girls grow into their big girl dance class!

Disney Jazz/Ballet
All the music from the great Disney songbook that children love~from the ballads to the funky beats! Students will sing, dance and act through some of Disney’s most loved songs and then bring them to life onstage come Recital time!

Boys Hip Hop/Breaking

The PureJoy! Hip Hop Class for older boys, where they learn proper technique including the 5 elements of Hop Hop and the basic fundamentals of Break Dancing. Our instructor is a seasoned teacher, professional dancer and actor who comes highly recommended by our other teachers as well as dance studios where he teaches in New Jersey, Long Island and NYC (most notably the world renowned Broadway Dance Center.)

Boys Hip Hop

The PureJoy! class for younger boys who want to dance and perform. Jahad Shawe creates a fun, self-esteem building environment in his Hip Hop classes. Jahad imparts his infectious enthusiasm bringing his students a cool, inspiring and energetic class.

Musical Theatre Revue Class~
 Over the last 10 years, PureJoy! Performing Arts has been staging full length  plays for children including Annie, Little Mermaid, Lion King, Beauty and the Beast, Elf~The Musical and Madagascar~A Musical Adventure. We have built quite a repertoire of productions and are now  so excited to combine the best numbers from all of these shows into one glorious  Musical Theatre Revue class! The resulting Performance presentation will have all of the same elements as our  full scale productions including costumes, lights, sets, sound and most importantly~ laughter, joy & all the warm fuzzies our studio is known for! You will not only see your child sing and dance through the musical numbers, but deliver lines interspersed throughout where their acting talents can pop forth as well!
December 16/17, 2023
Each class will perform 2-3 different numbers. Between numbers, your children will make costume/prop changes while other classes are performing onstage.
Show Costumes:

Because we have done all of the above mentioned shows before, we have a massive wardrobe of costumes in multiple sizes. It is sometimes necessary for parents to provide small base pieces of nominal cost.  However, if we don’t have a costume in your child’s particular size, a fee is charged to cover ordering one, of which is yours to keep after the performance. This is  a rare occurrence and most every costume we always have in stock.

Attire and Shoes for Weekly Classes:
Our PureJoy! Logo Shirts($15) with Black leggings, Black track pants, Black yoga pants, Black sweatpants

Parents will also be responsible to provide tap (for 5:30 Class only) and jazz (for 4:15 and 5:30 Classes) shoes for the weekly classes. We sell Jazz shoes in our studio. We do not sell tap shoes.
Who Can Join~Age Range? 
Tuesdays~ 4:15-5:15 Boys/Girls 5-8 yrs
Wednesdays~ 5:00-6:15 Boys/Girls 9-12 yrs

“Elf, The Musical” by Musical Theatre International

A weekly excursion into the wonderful world of singing, dancing and acting with the culmination of a one-hour performance of the fully, licensed version of “Elf, The Musical ” complete with costumes, props, scene changes, and many parts for every child. Jessica will be choreographing and Miss Marsha will be at the helm of this project piecing it all together with acting direction, scenery, costumes, music and all other production aspects. Lighting Design is by Chelsea Russel and Sound is by Adam Bernier at Invisible Masses

Students will perform the full scale performance the first weekend of Jan. 2019 at Whippoorwill Hall Theatre at the New Castle Public Library in Armonk, NY. Students must be available for rehearsals after school  and performances  the week of Jan. 2-6th.

First Rehearsal and Casting Workshop is on Friday, Sept. 7th from 4:15-7:15….includes the 1st Cast pizza party! During this first rehearsal, we will create a stress-free environment  of Theatre Games, watching brief scenes from the movie (with Will Ferrel! as “Elf”) and observing your children singing, dancing and acting their way through excerpts from the script. Once we determine casting, regular rehearsals will begin every Friday starting Sept.14th from 4:15-6:45.

We are over-the-Elf MOON sooooo excited about this production!

“Little Mermaid “ Stage Play

PureJoy! is very excited to be producing yet another staging of “Little Mermaid, Jr.” This is the fully licensed 60 min. production from Music Theatre International, complete with the official Disney scripts, Disney musical orchestrations as well as a beautiful underworld scenery display for the actual show. The cast will perform at the Whippoorwill Theatre in Armonk, NY. As with Lion King we will have a professional choreographer from NYC coming to create fun, inspiring dances for the amazing music of Little Mermaid, such as “Human Stuff,” the 50’s style bop, “She’s In Love,” plus so many more great songs. As always, Miss Marsha will be happily directing and leading your kids into this exciting underwater world of theatre!

“Lion King Jr “ Stage Play

PureJoy! is very excited to be producing yet another staging of a Broadway Musical play this Fall. This is the fully licensed 60 min. production from Music Theatre International, complete with the official Disney scripts, Disney musical orchestrations as well as our new professional costume and set design company. The cast will perform at the beautiful Whippoorwill Theatre in Armonk, NY. We are also very excited to be having a professional choreographer from NYC coming on board for this production creating unique Hip Hop/African inspired choreographies for the many upbeat dance numbers in The Lion King. As always Miss Marsha will be happily directing. If your children have been in any of our past productions, please send them back again for this one! PureJoy! is taking your kids to a whole other exciting level with “The Lion King!”

Mommy & Me

A wonderful hour of bonding with your child and other moms/caregivers and their children. Activities each session include: Circle Time with Songs, Instruments, Craft Time, Movement & Dance and Free Play as well as Story Time, Bubbles, Parachute, & Obstacle Course Exploration. Ages: 6 months-30 months.

Mom/Dad/Caregiver Dance Class!

30 minutes of dance with props such as tambourines, ribbons, beach balls, hula hoops, stuffed animals, maracas, bubbles, glow wands and disco lights!

Ideally for Walkers-2.5 yrs, though babies are most welcome too and Parent/Caregiver attends as well!

$50 for 4 Classes. No Registration Fee. Adults and Children must wear socks on the dance floor:)~