Our Core Values

1. Every student who comes through our doors is a treasure and a privilege for us to have in our studio.
2. Performing Arts classes should be FUN and full of JOY!
3. Parental concerns, questions and feedback are of great value to us; we really do care!
4. We are here for our students and their parents…not the other way around.
5. We remember how young our students (even our teenagers!) really are and that the business of being a kid is not as easy as it looks!
6. We are a truly delightful and truly affordable experience for families.
7. Our teachers are excellent in their technical abilities, providing the best training possible, but
of equal importance is their inherent desire to see our student’s lives changed in a loving and nurturing environment as they explore the wonderful world of the performing arts.
8. PureJoy! Performing Arts lives up to its name!